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Hybrid & Fish Surfboards - Speed, Stability & Fun

Hybrid & Fish Surfboards UK

Hybrid and fish surfboards offer the perfect combination of speed, stability and agility. They are typically wider and a little shorter than shortboards, offering more stability and balance in the turns.

Fish surfboards are great for beginners and for use in small surf, they float well and pick up speed quickly, improving the chance of catching more waves. The wider the fish surfboard, the more stable and buoyant it is, making it easier to paddle and to surf.

We stock some of the best Hybrid & Fish surfboards in the UK, all from the World's leading surfboard brands - Buy Firewire, Aloha, Town & Country, Hayden Shapes & Lib Tech. With boards ranging in length from 5ft 6" to 6ft 2".

Need any help or surfboard advice? Get in touch, we're happy to help make sure you get the perfect fish surfboard.

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