Arcade Belts

Arcade beltsĀ are designed from the ground up to provide amazing comfort, the best fit and the right amount of flexibility to move with you.

They felt that the belt options available were low-quality, outdated and did not perform well for their lifestyle, so they set out to build the product they wanted to use.

Each Arcade belt is built to perform equally well from climbing, skating, snowboarding and skiing to biking or fishing. By reinventing a seemingly simple piece of equipment to be more useful and better suited for elite athletes, travellers, and road trip ramblers alike, they were able to create belts that can go everywhere and anywhere without letting you or your pants down.

Arcade reinvented the most overlooked of accessories with a few sewing machines and simple ingenuity. Built with comfortable stretch materials and simple yet durable buckles, Arcade belts are designed for those that live by their own rules, choose quality over quantity and want products that fit their lifestyle.

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