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Rumpl - Weatherproof, durable, cosy, eco-friendly blankets

Rumpl Blanket UK Range

The best outdoor blanket. They're eco friendly blankets too - made from recycled plastic bottles.

We're big fans of the Rumpl blanket and we offer a wide range of their puffy blankets in store & online. Rumpl puffy blankets are fantastic for outdoor use, they are lightweight and compact, super warm, weatherproof, durable and cosy. Although these eco friendly blankets are mostly purchased for outdoor use, they are just so comfy that you will find yourself using it at home as well.

They come in a wide range of designs, from the Rumpl Original Navy Blue to the landscape print of the Rumpl Yosemite to the colourful Rumpl Rainbow, Dawn Pixel, Sunset Fade and Puffy Geo blankets. There is a Rumpl blanket for everyone!

> Made from recycled materials
> Water Resistant & Stain Resistant
> Strong material that resists snags & tears

Rumpl Blanket Original Outdoor Blanket around a woman in the mountains Image by Rumpl

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