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Havaianas flip flops and sliders

Havaianas Flip Flops - The Brazilian FlipFlop... The name Havaianas comes from the portuguese word for Hawaiian but was inspired by the Japanese sandal called the Zori. This was made from Rice straw, which is where the textured rubber was born. By the mid 60's the Havaianas were a hit, Salesman would drive to all the country cities selling them from the back of a van and almost every Brazilian worker would have a pair.

Havaianas flip flops were the inventors of the modern day flip flop, patenting the design in mid sixties and apart from the materials used, not much has changed. Why change something that works perfectly? Originally, the flip flop only came in blue and white but in 1969 a mistake was made during manufacturing and the flip flops came out green. A mistake that led to Havaianas success and colour combinations you see today.

By 1980 the flip flops were described as a fundamental product of the Brazilian way of life.

Safe to say they are some of the world's favourite flip flops and will probably continue to be for decades to come. Buy Havaianas online or in store in Cardigan, West Wales.

Image courtesy of Havaianaslocalsoul

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